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Out Now cover

The short story collection ALL OUT: THE NO-LONGER-SECRET STORIES OF QUEER TEENS THROUGHOUT THE AGES is the critically acclaimed anthology edited by author Saundra Mitchell, featuring diverse historical fiction by 17 celebrated YA authors. Now she’s back with OUT NOW: QUEER WE GO AGAIN! [Inkyard Press, May 2020] and this time she’s rounded up a new posse of queer YA authors you know and love to present 17 new contemporary (read more…)

Adi Alsaid’s latest novel, WE DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS [Inkyard Press, April 2020], opens with an annual high school lock-in legendary for changing lives. But this time, thanks to a group of eco-warrior students, it just might end up changing the world too. In this Q&A with Monica Phillips from the North Richland Hills Library, the author talks climate change, teens and social action, and “sad white boy music.” Q: (read more…)

Beloved YA author Adi Alsaid is back with WE DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS [Inkyard Press, April 7], a timely novel for the earth-lovers in all of us. Meet the students of the elite Central International School (Go sea cucumbers!): every year, they wait with great anticipation for the school’s legendary annual lock-in. But little do they know, any plans of glory are about to be disrupted by a small group (read more…)

If’ you’re like us and have been hiding from a heatwave all week, you probably just want to curl up inside all day with a good book and a cool treat. Thankfully, Inkyard has got you covered with “Cool Books, Cool Treats,” a suggested reading guide that pairs your sweet tooth with titles by some of your favorite YA authors–curated during our former life as Harlequin TEEN! Refresh yourself with (read more…)

Dear Haiti, Love Alaine cover

To the surprise of absolutely NONE of us, the enchanting YA debut by Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite, Dear Haiti, Love Alaine [Sept. 3, Inkyard Press], has earned another starred review! Publishers Weekly calls Dear Haiti “an alternately funny and bittersweet story of loss, regret, love, and sacrifice, centered on the fictional female descendants of real-life Haitian queen Marie-Louise Coidavid. Seamlessly blending story lines and allusions to Haiti’s history and culture, (read more…)