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Milicent Patrick was one of Disney’s first female animators (if not THE first female animator) and created one of the world’s best known classic movie monsters, only for her work to be credited to—and essentially eradicated by—a man. The Lady from the Black Lagoon [Hanover Square Press, March 2019] is Mallory O’Meara’s enthralling true-detective story chronicling her mission to uncover Patrick’s history and restore her to her rightful place in (read more…)

Back to school means our favorite thing – more books! HERE IT IS! THE TITLE LIBRARIANS HAVE ALREADY FALLEN FOR ON GALLEYCHAT*: Even If I Fall: “Abigail Johnson deftly weaves together emotional and romantic turmoil into an unforgettable read about loss, dreams, and redemption.” —Jeff Zentner, William C. Morris award-winning author of The Serpent King (Inkyard Press; Jan. 8) *GalleyChat is an opportunity to talk with fellow librarians about recent galleys (every first Tuesday (read more…)

Good news: Pumpkin spice lattes are back! Better news: Harlequin’s upcoming books are AMAZING! Best news: We already paired them with your favorite coffee house favorites… BELOW ARE SOME OF THE TITLES LIBRARIANS HAVE ALREADY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ON GALLEYCHAT*:   Evergreen Tidings From The Baumgartners: Caramel Latte  Sweet and Addictive (Park Row Books; Oct. 16) The Spite Game: Pumpkin Spice Latte Sharp and Halloween-y (MIRA; October 30) Restoration Heights: Dark Mocha Latte (read more…)

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In her research for Under My Skin [Park Row Books], the chilling tale of a photographer haunted–both night and day–by the unsolved murder of her husband, master storyteller Lisa Unger delved into an impressive reading list that included works by Carl Jung, a photography treatise by Susan Sontag, and Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams. The result is a novelization of the complicated lengths our minds go to fill in the blanks after trauma (read more…)

When Elloren Gardner began her first year at Verpax University, she didn’t expect to become friends with werewolves, Icarals, and Kelts. She also didn’t expect to help rescue a Selkie and free an military dragon…ultimately thrusting the entire group into a realm-wide underground resistance against Gardnerian conquest… And what’s a Revolution without an amazing playlist? https://open.spotify.com/user/harlequinteen/playlist/7wFQSp5lMzHi4XsP8Hp8C5 The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest is on sale now! Praise for The Black Witch Chronicles:  “Fans will be delighted (read more…)