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Beautiful Bad cover

Annie Ward’s Beautiful Bad [Park Row Books, March 2019] isn’t just a psychological thriller of global proportions… it’s now a STARRED psychological thriller of global proportions! Starting with a mysterious and desperate 911 call, Ward takes her readers for a ride from pre-9/11 Bulgaria to today’s small-town Kansas through the eyes of a twisted love triangle with deadly consequences… “Ward takes her time revealing what tragedy transpired in the present, (read more…)

Question: What do these three fabulous books have in common? Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana L. Davis (Harlequin Teen)   Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig (Park Row Books)   Cadaver & Queen by Alisa Kwitney (Harlequin Teen)   Answer: They’re all on the TLA Tayshas2019* reading list! Congrats to Dana, Ben, and Alisa!   *The goal of the TAYSHAS reading list is to motivate young adults to become livelong (read more…)

Dead Queens Club cover

Kirkus just crowned Hannah Capin’s DEAD QUEENS CLUB [Inkyard Press, January 2019]–a Riverdale-meets-Heathers feminist retelling of Henry VIII and his wives, narrated by Annie Marck from Cleveland, aka “Cleves”–with a starred review: “Witty narrator Cleves is a feminist force, lambasting slut-shaming and calling out her female classmates’ internalized misogyny. Readers who like mapping real-life figures onto fictional counterparts will read with Wikipedia open … So much fun.”—Kirkus, starred review Dead Queens Club (read more…)

The Lady from the Black Lagoon cover

Milicent Patrick was a talented animator and make-up artist who was written off by men and forgotten by history… until now. Mallory O’Meara’s The Lady from the Black Lagoon [March 2019, Hanover Square] is part Milicent Patrick bio, part journey of the author’s self-discovery, and part scathing analysis of sexism in the film industry, during both Milicent’s time and our own. “In this captivating and exhaustively researched biography, screenwriter and producer O’Meara (read more…)

Wil Medearis’s incredible New York noir novel, Restoration Heights [January, Hanover Square Press], takes you on a journey with a young, white artist through gentrified Brooklyn as he tries to navigate the tendrils of wealth and power and find a missing woman in the middle of it all. Booklist raves: “This stunning debut opens boldly with the word You, as did Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights, Big City (1984), and readers are likely to (read more…)