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Harlequin for Libraries

For our #BookstravaganzaHomecoming series, we asked our authors about a few of their favorite things. Here are Viola Shipman’s favorite home rituals.

I am a caffeine addict and coffee snob. I love good coffee as much as good wine, but the pandemic forced me to recreate my habit. Now, I make my own lattes (and whipped cream) at home. I’m blessed to have one of the nation’s best coffeehouses and roasters right in my tiny resort town and that’s where I get my coffee; I also have an incredible frother that whips coconut milk, oat milk or a Starbuck’s creamer into perfection, as well as a drawer filled with seasonal spices and caramel, white chocolate, pumpkin drizzles.

Same goes with my workout routine. I am a big runner and exerciser. When I couldn’t go to the gym any more, I built my own home gym with weights, ab equipment, pulldown machine, as well as an elliptical, a great balance to all of my running.

And I love to have fresh flowers on my writing desk. I live on eight acres just a short jaunt to Lake Michigan that is filled with cottage gardens. I cut flowers and make arrangements for my desk every few days. It makes me feel connected to Michigan and the books I write, as well as my grandma, who was a grand gardener, as is my husband, Gary. (Starts from our family’s gardens are still going strong in ours.)


To hear Viola Shipman (pen name for Wade Rouse) speak on the topic of homecoming in his book, THE SECRET OF SNOW (Graydon House, Oct. 26), watch our BOOKSTRAVAGANZA: HOMECOMING virtual event here.

THE SECRET OF SNOW is available to request on Netgalley and Edelweiss.