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The life of Cuban-born Hollywood actress and singer Estelita Rodriguez may be but a blip in Wikipedia, but in reality her tragically short life had all the triumphs, adventure, and heartache of an epic film. Her now-grown daughter Nina Lopez felt that Estelita’s life deserved to be memorialized–and commissioned author Serena Burdick to tell the story.

The resulting work of historical fiction, FIND ME IN HAVANA [Park Row Books, January 12] takes readers from 1936 Cuba through the golden age of Hollywood to, finally, the life of Estelita’s daughter today (not to mention through three countries). Above all, however, this is a mother-daughter story and a testament to family, love, and legacy.

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Find Me in Havana will be available in Library HC Edition and is available to preview on Edelweiss and Netgalley!

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