Harlequin for Libraries

Harlequin for Libraries

When Elloren Gardner began her first year at Verpax University, she didn’t expect to become friends with werewolves, Icarals, and Kelts. She also didn’t expect to help rescue a Selkie and free an military dragon…ultimately thrusting the entire group into a realm-wide underground resistance against Gardnerian conquest…

And what’s a Revolution without an amazing playlist?


The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest is on sale now!

Praise for The Black Witch Chronicles

Fans will be delighted and begging for the next title—and the cliff-hanger ending promises us there will be one.”
Booklist on The Iron Flower

“Laurie Forest exceeded my expectations tenfold with an action-packed epic sequel. The Iron Flower is an emotional rollercoaster full of adventure and romance that won’t let you go until you finish, and maybe even after… a heartbreakingly beautiful book.”
Selene Kallan, author of The Immortal Heritage Saga on The Iron Flower

“I absolutely loved The Black Witch and will have a very hard time waiting for the second book! Maximum suspense, unusual magic — a whole new, thrilling approach to fantasy!”
Tamora Pierce, #1 New York Times bestselling author on The Black Witch

★ Exquisite character work, an elaborate mythology, and a spectacularly rendered universe make this a noteworthy debut, which argues passionately against fascism and xenophobia.”
Publishers Weekly ★ on The Black Witch

“This briskly paced, tightly plotted novel enacts the transformative power of education, creating engaging characters set in a rich alternative universe with a complicated history that can help us better understand our own.
Kirkus Reviews  on The Black Witch

“Fans of Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce will gobble down the 600-plus pages and demand the sequel.”
Booklist ★ on The Black Witch