Harlequin for Libraries

Harlequin for Libraries

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The words “mystery” and “HQN” might not often go together. But ten-time New York Times bestselling romantic suspense writer Christina Dodd and Harlequin have joined forces, and  the result is a sharp, chilling story about a woman with the scar of a gunshot on her forehead and no memory of a year of her life, one of HQN’s biggest books of the year, and genre-bending like you’ve never seen it.


Hear from Christina Dodd and fellow mystery authors Lou Berney, Michael Rutger, Paul Doiron, and Bryan Reardon at the Public Library Association on a mystery panel you won’t want to miss!

AAP/PLA Best in Mystery Authors
Friday, March 23 at 10:45-11:45 am
Nutter Theater/Room 114


Advance praise for Dead Girl Running:
★ “Flawlessly written.”–Booklist, starred review

DEAD GIRL RUNNING is available for request on Netgalley!

Available in library hardcover edition and paperback on April 24th!


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