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Dear Haiti, Love Alaine cover

Meet Alaine Beauparlant: she’s a whip-smart aspiring journalist whose revenge-against-the-mean-girls prank goes very awry, and she is sent to live with her posh aunt in her family’s native Haiti to do volunteer work as penance. There, she will uncover family secrets that may or may not be related to a family curse, navigate her fraught (and heartbreaking) relationship with her brilliant journalist mother, and ultimately come to embrace her beautifully (read more…)

From a modern-day Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle set in the brutal sweatshops of China, to a sweeping YA fantasy about a young girl untangling the perils of the revisionist history with which she was raised, we hope you’ll find something here that will spark conversations in your own book club. And purely for fun … here is a cocktail recipe to consider for your next book club gathering, given the drink’s (read more…)

Question: What do these three fabulous books have in common? Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana L. Davis (Harlequin Teen)   Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig (Park Row Books)   Cadaver & Queen by Alisa Kwitney (Harlequin Teen)   Answer: They’re all on the TLA Tayshas2019* reading list! Congrats to Dana, Ben, and Alisa!   *The goal of the TAYSHAS reading list is to motivate young adults to become livelong (read more…)

Dead Queens Club cover

Kirkus just crowned Hannah Capin’s DEAD QUEENS CLUB [Inkyard Press, January 2019]–a Riverdale-meets-Heathers feminist retelling of Henry VIII and his wives, narrated by Annie Marck from Cleveland, aka “Cleves”–with a starred review: “Witty narrator Cleves is a feminist force, lambasting slut-shaming and calling out her female classmates’ internalized misogyny. Readers who like mapping real-life figures onto fictional counterparts will read with Wikipedia open … So much fun.”—Kirkus, starred review Dead Queens Club (read more…)

That’s right – Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now [Harlequin TEEN], Dana L. Davis’s compelling twist on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” is not just one “you’ll fall in love with” (Bustle), but it’s also a YALSA Quick Picks nominee! (The Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list identifies both fiction and nonfiction titles aimed at encouraging teens who dislike reading to pick up a book for fun. Find out more info (read more…)